Leaking Showers

Leaking Shower REPAIRS Perth

Leaking shower? Is water working its way between your walls and bathroom tiles? Mould and mildew build-up?

You’re probably worried about structural damage and an expensive repair bill. Nightmare thoughts of having to strip your shower tiling, find the leak, fix the leak, waterproof and replaster your shower walls, and then lay expensive new tiles…

While that all sounds scary, fear not! Because Shower Solutions’ expert team provides full leaking shower repairs—without having to remove a single tile!

In just a few hours, our fully qualified team can solve your leaking shower issues with minimal disruption to your home, protecting you from water damage and nasty mould and mildew—at competitive pricing rates, you’ll love.

Contact us today to find out how our comprehensive shower repairs can quickly solve your shower problems and save you money.

Our Shower Repairs Service

Shower Solutions has provided leaking shower repairs for happy Perth customers for over 15 years.

We started repairing leaking showers and regrouting tiles in February 2007, offering our specialist services to homeowners, tenants, property managers, real estate agents, property developers, local councils, and plumbers.

This industry experience—together with our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools—allows us to find and fix your leaky shower without causing damaged tiles or having to tear your bathroom apart.

Our team’s relentless dedication to successfully repairing leaking showers is guided by the idea that the perfect solution is the long-term solution. That’s why our goal is never to have to return to the same property twice—because your new seal should be long-lasting!
Contact our friendly team today for the best leaking shower repair Perth has to offer!

Why Does Your Perth Home Have a Leaking Shower?

Leaking showers can happen for several reasons, but in most cases, it’s either due to your old grout deteriorating, particularly in the grout joints, or your shower sealing reaching the end of its usable life. In other cases, poor plumbing or a faulty shower screen can also cause a shower leak.

Suppose your shower leak results from old grout or deteriorated sealant. Property damage may occur when water beneath your shower tiles is absorbed by the surrounding walls, flooring, and skirting boards. When this happens, damage may include swollen skirting boards, damp carpets, bubbling paint finishes, rusted door frames, and damaged cabinets or cupboards.

But, before you start worrying about needing a whole new bathroom renovation, our leaking shower repairs are here to help.

Through state-of-the-art thermal imaging detection, we can easily find the cause of your shower leak before expensive damage occurs without needing to break open floors or walls to find the cause of your leaky shower.

Best of all, we offer thermal imaging scans for free with every shower repair service—so you get a fast, accurate diagnosis of your leaking shower without any hidden costs.

To learn more about the common signs and causes of a leaky shower, read below.

Leaking Shower Caused by Natural Grout Deterioration

Eventually, all wall grout will break down in a shower recess because water constantly erodes your shower grouting.

How long until your shower grout leaks depend on a few factors, including the skill of the original tradesperson, the amount of use your shower has had, and how well the shower recess grout has been maintained over the years.

Grout replacement is one the most effective shower waterproofing solutions, offering a long-lasting repair for your leaky shower—especially if you make it part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Our expert team specialises in shower regrouting as part of our service repairs, so contact us today to find out more.

Leaking Shower Caused by Structural Movement

If your home or building structure is stressed by natural movement, your shower recess could be susceptible to cracked corner joints and tiles. If this happens, you may find gaps and cracks in your shower recess, allowing water to pass into the slab and surrounding walls. As we mentioned earlier, this is when expensive water damage can occur.

Repairing showers damaged by structural movement is an everyday job for our team here at Shower Solutions.

As with all of our leaking shower repairs, we’ll visit your home to diagnose the problem before finding an effective solution to fix your leaking shower recess and shower floor—and always at a highly competitive price.

Leaking Shower Caused by Poor Tiling Design

If you have a tiled shower recess, the placement of the tiles must be incredibly accurate to prevent leaks in your shower area.

The key is to ensure an even fall from where the wall tiles meet the floor tiles, which allows the water to run towards the drain hole.

Poor floor tile levels can be identified if water pools on the floor and in the corner joints. This is why it’s a good idea to call in professional tilers if you are replacing tiles in your bathroom.

Here at Shower Solutions, we’re more than happy to repair leaking showers caused by poor tiling—so give us a call today!

Leaking Shower Caused by Silicone Corner Joints

Many trades and shower repairs in Perth use high-grade silicone to seal a shower recess’s corner joints instead of grout.

We have seen many issues arise for Perth homeowners because of this change.

Shower Solutions staff have inspected many new homes and recently renovated bathrooms where the leaking showers are due to the silicone seal failing or deteriorating too quickly—not ideal when you’ve just paid out for a nice new bathroom.

If your leaking shower results from silicone in the corner joints, our expert team can remedy the issue with a fast, cost-effective re-grout that will last you for years.

Our Leaking Shower Repair Process

Step 1 – Request a Quote

Call our friendly team on 0437 107 774 or email us directly at showersolutionsperth@gmail.com to arrange a suitable time for us to visit your property.

Step 2 – Obligation Free Site Visit

Once booked in, a member of the Shower Solutions team will meet you at your property.

Step 3 – Diagnose & Quote

During the site visit, we will diagnose the cause of your leaky shower—and assess the extent of any water damage—using our thermal imaging cameras. We’ll then discuss the problem before providing a free quote for the shower repair service.

Step 4 – Shower Repairs

Once approved, one of our Perth shower technicians will carry out your shower repairs, ensuring minimal disruption.

Step 5 – Peace of Mind

Every shower repair service comes with our full workmanship warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leaking Shower Repairs

Most residential customers assume a leaking shower means giant puddles forming on your bathroom floor—but that’s not always the case. If you can’t see water buildup or hear a constant dripping noise, there are a few subtle signs to look out for. These include:

  • Loose or curling flooring or tiles, particularly near your shower
  • Peeling or flaking wall paint in your bathroom
  • Chalky or warped wood
  • Mould or mildew build-up—particularly on your shower wall (or on the
    floor near the shower)
  • Water stains are building up on your shower ceiling. Water may appear on the ceiling below the shower if you’re in a multi-storey home.

You can reseal your leaky shower by removing and replacing the old sealant from your leaking shower.

You’ll need a few things: a silicone softening agent, a sharp blade, and a cleaning solution.

Apply the softening agent to soften all silicon areas, then wait a few hours for it to work its magic. Once the silicone is soft, scrape it away using the blade—but be careful not to press too hard, or you may damage your tiles.

Remove any residue (grime, dirt, adhesive material) to ensure you have a nice clean, even surface to apply the new sealant. Once all residue is gone, clean the area with your cleaning solution, and you’re ready to reseal your leaking shower.

Old grout is the most common cause of a leaking shower recess, which may be why your shower waterproofing has failed. As you subject your shower to the rigours of everyday life, your wall grout will eventually erode, which is when leaks occur.

Fortunately, shower regrouting is an incredibly effective (and common) shower sealing solution. If your old grout does need replacing, our expert technicians have all the tools on hand to offer a cost-effective solution.

To get a free quote, contact our friendly team today.

Unless your leaky shower results from faulty plumbing, shower regrouting and resealing will stop leaks.

We can find the cause of your leak through thermal imaging cameras, which offer a fast and accurate diagnosis for your leaky shower. We provide thermal imaging scans for free with every shower repair service—so you get a prompt, precise diagnosis of your leaking shower without any hidden costs.

In most cases, grout replacement offers a long-lasting repair—especially if you look after your bathroom with a proper cleaning routine and ensure quality air circulation.

Traditionally, if you suspect a water issue, you would probably turn to a moisture meter—but these had the potential to become invasive. For example, if the moisture meter showed water coming through the wall or the floor, you’d often need to start cutting into that wall or floor to find the leak.

Fortunately, advances in thermal imaging cameras allow us to detect your shower leak by highlighting the anomalies in temperature if excess water is present. If water is leaking from your shower, we can spot that anomaly by scanning the recess and opposing walls—helping find the issue much faster than traditional methods.