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Crumbling wall grout? Swollen skirting boards? Stained watermarks?
If you notice any of these common signs, chances are you’ve got a damaged or leaking shower and need urgent shower repairs.

The problem is that repairing showers yourself can be difficult—especially if you’re unsure what to look for or are not confident on the tools. If that’s the case, it’s time to call in the best professional shower repair services Perth has to offer!

After all, if your shower repairs and re-grout aren’t carried out properly, you may have to re-do the work (and fork out more cash) sooner than you expect.

Nobody wants that kind of headache, so Shower Solutions is here to help. Our expert team has many years of experience fixing leaking showers, repairing shower walls, replacing shower tiles, missing grout, and generally getting your shower area back to its best.

Read more to find out more about our shower repair services and outstanding customer service.

Why Choose Shower Solutions For Your Shower Repairs?

Since February 2007, Shower Solutions has specialised in repairing leaking showers and re-grouting shower tiles throughout Perth, Western Australia.

We offer shower repair and tile re-grouting services to residential customers and commercial clients, including homeowners, tenants, property managers, real estate agents, property developers, local councils, and plumbers.

We’re proud to be celebrating our 15th year of successful service—a huge milestone for our team! This success comes from our dedication to exceeding our client’s expectations, with our fully trained, professional tilers ensuring every shower repair is completed to the highest standards possible.

We don’t rest on our laurels, either. To stay ahead of the game, we constantly invest in research, looking for advanced techniques, equipment, and new product improvements to help us deliver the perfect solution to repair leaking showers.

For every job, our goal is never to return to the same property twice—because your new shower waterproofing should be long-lasting.
So, for the most effective leaking shower repairs, Perth has to offer, contact Shower Solutions today!

We Can Regrout Your Leaking Shower Recess

Leaking shower repairs usually start by carefully removing the old grout with a series of specialised, diamond-tipped power tools.

Once all of the old grout is removed and vacuumed up, we re-grout your shower with a new, more robust grout replacement. This grout acts like a buffer for your tiles, protecting them from water damage, so the heat doesn’t cause them to expand.

And, here’s the best part. Unless there are loose or cracked tiles, we can usually fix your shower leak without having to remove the tiles. Not only does that mean less mess and a faster repair, but it’s also more cost-effective.

For the best grout replacement services in Perth, contact our friendly team today!

We Can Reseal Your Leaking Shower Recess

Effective shower waterproofing is critical to protecting your home from water damage.

That’s why Shower Solutions offers a comprehensive service for effective shower sealing. Our affordable solution is designed to prevent the need for leaking shower repairs in the future.

By applying a penetrating sealer to the grout, we can increase water resistance to ensure your shower repair lasts longer. While DIY resealing can save you a few bucks, calling in professional service repairs can assess the chances of any future issues, offering a long-term solution to keep you leak-free well into the future.

After all, our goal is never to have to repair your shower again!

More Than Just Shower Tile Regrouting

With our intensive Perth regrouting services, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your tiled floors, walls, and the joint surfaces in your shower.

They will then remove the old grout, clean the area, and install and seal a new grout channel. With new grout and clean tiles, your shower area will look as good as new and be ready for use in just a few hours.

And not to forget: we can also re-silicone your shower screen and bench tops! Eventually, silicone seals deteriorate, losing their anti-mould properties along the way. Shower Solutions can rectify this for you with our resealing service.

Professional Shower Repairs and Tile Regrouting

We are committed to ensuring that every client receives the most comprehensive and cost-effective shower repairs and re-grouting solutions in Perth.

Using our tile re-grouting techniques, we can extend the life of your shower—and for a fraction of the cost of re-tiling the whole thing or taking on a complete bathroom renovation.

Our shower re-grouting methods are less intrusive to your lifestyle, too. In most cases, you can take a clean, hot shower within 24 hours of us sealing your leaking shower. However, if you were to re-tile, the repair may take weeks—while our techniques take less than one day.

Our shower repair and tile re-grouting promise

  • We always return your phone calls and emails.
  • We always arrive on time to provide a quote for leaking showers. If we’re delayed, we’ll contact you.
  • Before visiting, we’ll call to let you know we’re on our way.
  • We always use drop sheets to protect your home.
  • We always clean up our tile regrouting mess once the job is finished, so your bathroom looks as good as new.
  • We always return to any leaky shower regrouting job, upon your request.

High-Quality Tiling Grout

All of our grout is mixed with an acrylic-based additive to increase cement-based grouts’ flexibility and bond strength. We use the same strength grout in our leaking shower repairs used in swimming pools to seal your leaking shower properly.

Here are some essential things to consider about our tile re-grouting methods:

  • Increase the flexibility of your shower recess grout
  • Increase the water resistance of your shower recess grout
  • Our shower recess grout additive is easy to use and must only be diluted with water.
  • Increases the hardness of cement grouts, making them suitable for heavy traffic areas like shower recesses

High-Quality Shower Regrouting Tools

Our advanced leaky shower grouting power tools give you the most professional finish possible for each tile regrouting job. This offers many great benefits, including:

  • Diamond blade shower regrouting technology
  • No chipped tiles
  • Clean straight grout lines
  • Ability to cut deep into the old leaky grout lines

Our Commitment to Perth Shower Repairs

As the leading service provider for tile re-grouting in Perth, our experienced technicians can fix any bathroom problem you may have, including repairing grout joints, cracked shower screens, and replacing rusted door frames.

Our technicians can match the existing grout colour, fix areas with leaks, or replace the entire grouting with your preferred colour.
Shower Solutions has been repairing showers and regrouting tiles in Perth for many years, earning the trust of many households and business owners. We deal with drains of any size and shape, and replace ineffective, old grouting with new, long-lasting grout with leaks or replace the entire grouting with your preferred colour.

Contact our expert team for all your shower repair and regrouting needs!