Stop the leaking shower in your Joondalup home from becoming a maintenance nightmare now! Shower Solutions’ experienced experts have the most advanced leaking shower and grouting repair tools to repair your leaking shower without even having to remove a single tile.


Leaking Shower Repairs For Properties In Joondalup And Surrounding Areas

When your shower is leaking, and water is finding its way between the tiles and walls of your shower area, the damage that can be done to your bathroom or en-suite is significant and can lead to costly repairs. This is even more true if the water from your shower damages the plaster behind your shower tiles. Along with the cost of stripping all the tiles, repairing the blown plaster or mortar behind the tiles, new waterproofing and the cost of buying and laying new tiles in your bathroom, the inconvenience to you not having a usable shower for a few days while the leaking shower repairs are being carried out is big.

This is where Shower Solutions can really help. In just one day – that’s right, one single day – we will solve all your leaking shower issues without even having to remove any tiles. Contact us today to find out how we can save you money on your leaking shower repairs.

A Lack of Tile Regrouting Is Your Shower’s Worst Enemy

There are a few reasons that your shower leaks, including poor tiling design, structural movement, the breakdown of silicone joints or shower seals, or a lack of plumbing maintenance, but the biggest culprit that we have come across in our many years of repairing showers is the erosion of the grout between your tiles. When tile regrouting has not been carried out routinely as part of your Joondalup home’s maintenance, it is inevitable that the grout between the tiles in your shower recess will be broken down by the water from your shower. Just how long that erosion will take depends on a number of factors such as the skill and attention to detail of the tradesman who carried out the original grouting work, the amount of use your shower has, and how well your grouting has been previously maintained over time.

Shower Solutions’ team have many years of experience in the industry and are experts in solving leaking shower problems. We don’t guess at what the problem might be, but rather use equipment such as the latest, state of the art thermal imaging cameras to inspect your shower area and opposing walls. The use of a thermal imaging camera is critical in identifying the cause of the water ingress because those leaks are often hidden from the naked eye and will only be evident using our sophisticated equipment.

Attending To Your Leaking Shower Repairs, What is The Cost?

Because there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration when looking at what can lead to your leaky shower needing to be repaired, it is impossible to give you an accurate cost of repairing your leaking shower, or indeed carrying out bathroom tile regrouting as a preventative measure without first seeing the shower that needs attending to.

We are, however, more than happy to have a chat with you, have a look at your shower, and give you an accurate, obligation-free fixed price quote so that you will know exactly what it will cost you to have your leaky shower repairs carried out. As an added bonus, we also provide you with a free thermal imaging inspection.

To request your free quote from us, please either call 0419 929 048 or click to send us an email.