Tile Regrouting

Tile grout is essential for a leak-free shower.

An effective, traditional shower sealing method, grout keeps your bathroom tiles firmly in place while closing the gaps between them to create a watertight barrier.

But, just like all aspects of your home, age can get the better of your shower’s grout. Over time, erosion will take its toll, and that’s when you might notice wear and tear (e.g. cracked grout).

When that happens, your shower becomes more susceptible to leaks, so re-grouting becomes necessary.

We’ll visit your home to inspect your shower with every regrouting service. Depending on the extent of the damaged grout (or damaged tiles), we’ll recommend either a spot repair or a total shower regrouting job.

To get your bathroom back to its best, we’ll remove your existing grout, clean the area, and install a new water-tight grout channel. Your shower will be good as new and ready to use within 36 hours from the time of re-grouting!

As leaders in practical, affordable tile regrouting and shower repair, Shower Solutions offers total peace of mind when preventing leaks and maintaining your bathroom.

Perth’s Tile Re-Grouting Specialist

Shower Solutions is Perth’s leading specialist in shower regrouting and sealing, offering our services to residential customers and commercial clients, including homeowners, tenants, property managers, real estate agents, property developers, local councils, and plumbers.

We’ve been providing our shower grout repair services since 2007 and are proud to be celebrating our 15th year of successful service—a huge milestone for our team!

This success comes from our dedication to exceeding our client’s expectations, with our fully trained, professional tilers ensuring every shower repair is completed to the highest standards possible.

We don’t rest on our laurels, either. To stay ahead of the game, we constantly invest in research, always looking for better techniques, equipment, and products to help us deliver the perfect solution to repair leaking showers.

So, for the most effective leaking shower repairs Perth has to offer, contact Shower Solutions for an obligation-free quote today!

Benefits of Performing a Tile Regrout

Minimise structural damage

Shower waterproofing is critical to preventing dampness and leaks, which, if left untreated, can cause expensive structural damage.

Bathrooms are typically high-use rooms and are susceptible to wet areas—so water damage can quickly take its toll. If your grout lines and shower seals aren’t correctly cared for, your shower will lose its ability to resist water, and over time, leaks will occur. That’s not good if you want to avoid damage (and, at worst, a whole new bathroom renovation!)—so it’s always a good idea to fix any leaks as soon as you spot them.

Contact our friendly team today if your bathroom needs a grout replacement!

Eliminate potential health risks

Because mould and mildew grow on warm and damp surfaces, your shower and bathroom are the perfect breeding ground.

Exposure to dampness and mould can cause several health effects—including coughing, wheezing, a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or itchy skin—especially if you or your family are sensitive to mould.

Aside from regularly cleaning your shower and ensuring quality airflow in your bathroom, a grout replacement in your shower is an effective way to prevent mould and mildew. After all, if water can’t escape, it can’t cause lasting dampness and water damage, which ultimately leads to mould.

Renew your bathroom's aesthetic appeal

Nobody wants a grubby bathroom, whether it’s your family home or you’re doing up an investment property.

Aside from protecting your property from water damage, grout repairs also give your home a beautiful aesthetic lift—for an affordable price!

With a simple regrouting job, your new grout will expand the lifespan of your shower in both form and function, eliminating the need for a complete bathroom renovation (and without having to replace or remove tiles along the way).

Common Reasons For Regrouting

Most of our customers require re-grouting work because they suspect their shower is leaking. Many of those same customers are worried that we’ll need to start removing tiles and do a whole load of expensive renovation work to fix their leak.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

When regrouting shower walls, recesses, and general tiled areas, we don’t need to remove tiles (unless they’re broken and you’d like them to be replaced). Instead, we can quickly and effectively regrout your shower without causing structural damage—leaving you with a watertight bathroom and an affordable repair bill.

The other common reason for regrouting is that, quite simply, any tiled area with new grout makes the whole room look better. Grouting is faster and cheaper than an entirely new bathroom renovation and might just do the trick if you’re looking to give your property a quick aesthetic lift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Regrouting

This is a common question where you’re likely to find contrasting answers.

Here at Shower Solutions, we don’t recommend it for two reasons.

First, the new grout mixture will not bond properly to the old grout or tile edges. This means you might be left with cracks in the grout, and after a short time, your new grout will simply crumble away. Before you know it, you’re back to square one.

The second reason is that it simply doesn’t look as good. You’ll likely be able to see the old grout underneath, so instead of having a lovely white finish, you end up with a murky grey finish. If you’re only spot-treating certain areas, it will be obvious.

Leaking shower repairs are a common maintenance job for homeowners, and it’s simply because your shower tiles are constantly getting wet and then dry again. This causes the wall grout to crack and go mouldy, which is when you need to reseal or re-grout your leaky shower.

The danger of putting off that shower regrouting job is that leaking showers can lead to expensive water damage and hard-to-remove mould.

Some companies recommend you re-grout or reseal your shower (e.g. your leaking shower recess) at least once a year. However, at Shower Solutions, we believe your shower repair schedule should depend on how much each bathroom is used. For example, your main family bathroom may warrant shower repair sealing every six months to a year, while the guest bathroom can probably be resealed every two years.

When repairing showers, create a regular maintenance schedule and stick to it. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, contact your trusted local shower repairs company, like Shower Solutions, who are always happy to regrout your leaking shower.

The most effective method of removing grout is with power tools—specifically, an oscillating multi-tool with a grout attachment.

By applying a little pressure straight onto the grout, you should be able to remove the old grout. We suggest taking your time with this process to avoid damaging your bathroom tiles.

Once you’ve used the power tool to remove as much grout as possible, you can use a handheld tool (flathead screwdriver, for example) to remove any loose pieces of grout still in the channel.

Shower regrouting services in Perth can vary depending on the company you hire and the extent of the required leaking shower repairs.

At Shower Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering each client a transparent, free quote upfront before any work begins. Our goal is to provide an excellent service for a cost-effective, reasonable price, putting your leaky shower problems to bed.

While the cost of leaking shower repairs varies from company to company, our professional attitude ensures our residential customers receive the highest quality workmanship, materials, and customer service.